Blue Springs can provide septic tank pumping and disposal services. In addition to pumping services, we have septic tank biological treatment available for purchase. We offer competitive pricing and prompt service. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Some things you will need to know when you call to schedule your pumping appointment:

  1. Where is the tank located?

  1. How big is the tank?

  1. Have the tank lids been dug up? (Often times there are 3 lids on the tank, 2 smaller lids for inlet and outlet and a middle lid, which is larger than the others and is used for pumping.)

  1. If we are to park our pump truck on a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt or gravel, it would be helpful to know the distance between the parking area and the tank. If we know the distance, then we will know how much hose it would take to do the job.

  1. Another consideration is what time of year it is. From January 15 to April 15 there are weight limitations placed on rural roads of 16000 pounds maximum or less. Which means a permit is needed from county and/or township commissioners and they may not issue permits at all, depending on road conditions. So it's best to have your tank pumped between May and December.

Tips and Advice

For properties located in McLean County, the McLean County Health Department can provide information to you regarding the location, size and number (1 or 2 tank) of system that you have on your property. You will need to know your property parcel number prior to contacting the Health Department. You can call them at 309-888-5450 or visit their web site at For properties outside of McLean County, you can contact your local county Health Department for information.

We recommend that you put risers on all lids of your septic tank. The risers make the lids easy to find, therefore making access easier at any time of the year….spring, summer, fall or winter. If you ever have to dig up your lids in the middle of winter with the ground frozen you will understand the reason for this bit of advice.

The frequency of septic pumping will vary depending on the size of the tank and the number of people in your household. On average, for a household of 4, you should have your tank pumped every 3 to 5 years. Routine maintenance is always the best way to go with regard to having your system pumped. Waiting until you have a problem can be very costly and time consuming, not to mention….very unpleasant.

Avoid using a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals add solids and grease to your septic tank.

Avoid pouring old medicines, strong cleaning products and chemicals, including antibacterial soaps and powder detergents down the drain. These can cause a build up of solids and can kill the bacteria that are instrumental in breaking down waste in your septic system.

Purchase toilet tissue brands labeled "safe" for septic systems. These products break down more efficiently in your septic system.

Be careful not to inhale gas emitted from an open septic tank. The gas produced in your septic tank can be toxic.

When purchasing a house with a septic system try to get information from the owner regarding the design of the system, as well as the maintenance records.

If additives are needed to introduce bacteria back into your system, we recommend using Pro Pump. We offer gallon jugs of Pro Pump for sale. You can expect your gallon jug to last about 1 year at the maximum.

If you have a sand filter on your system you should be sure to add a chlorine tablet to your chlorinator every month. We offer tablets for sale if you would like to purchase some from us.

There are many internet web sites that offer useful advice on how to maintain your septic system…..or, just give us a call. We’ll be glad to help answer your questions.