"Which way to the bathroom?" is the one question that every guest asks at some point during an event. Selecting the right portable restroom services ensures that your event will be a success.

We offer a variety of restroom and hand washing station rental options to meet your needs. We take pride in providing quality, clean restroom units, in excellent condition and free of graffiti.

When ordering your special events units allow at least one week’s notice. If ordering specialty units, please allow several weeks notice to insure that we have the units available to you, especially during holidays and summer months, our busiest times.

If your special event is a wedding, reunion, party or etc., we can arrange delivery the day before the event and pick up the day after; meaning that we will not be in your way while you prepare for your special event.

If your event is a community event such as a carnival, festival, sporting event or flea market we can deliver and service units during times that are most convenient to the event (sometimes overnight or in the very early hours of the morning).

Tips and Advice

The success of your event is contingent on many factors. One of those factors is providing quality, sanitary portable restroom units for your guests. In general, people will have a negative memory of your event if you do not provide enough restroom units to accommodate the number of attendees.

Consider that one person can misuse a restroom unit and make it undesirable for use during the rest of your event. Having enough units will insure that there will be plenty of restroom facilities available for your guests, should one be deemed unsanitary. This will give them a positive and more pleasant experience than what they might be accustomed to. We can only supply what the sponsor of the event (you) request. What we are committed to is bringing you a clean and respectable looking portable restroom.

Be sure to plan for the appropriate number of restroom units and servicing appointments for your event. Having a large crowd of people and too few restrooms can result in the units filling up too fast, being unsanitary faster, running out of paper, soap and hand sanitizer, etc. This result leaves people with a negative feeling about your event and about our restroom services. The benefits of planning for the appropriate number of units far outweigh the negative repercussions of having too few. Generally, if attendees find the restroom facilities unsatisfactory they will leave the event to go home to use the restroom and may not return to your function.

When considering the ideal placement for the restroom unit, consider a location that is on a hard, level surface and will be in a convenient location, not only for the users of the unit but for the delivery, pickup and service driver. Restrooms and sinks cannot be pushed, pulled, dragged or moved more than five feet from trucks. Pump trucks, delivery trucks and units can be very heavy when picked up and we want to be sure that we have easy access, in all weather conditions. The need to drive off of a hard surface may risk that our truck will leave large ruts and/or our trucks may get stuck or damaged.

Number & style of units for events depend on a few factors.

a. how long the event is

b. how long do you expect people to stay at an event, one to two hours or all day.

c. is there alcohol involved.

d. gender and ages of guest, senior citizens may like wheel chair accessible units & children may make more trips to the restrooms.

For events serving alcoholic beverages, increase number of units by at least 50%.

For events with more than 50% of attendees being women, increase the number of units by 30%.

Remember to include at least one Wheelchair Accessible, ADA Compliant (for governmental sponsored events) restroom, per group of restrooms.

For example, a two hour event for 150 people would consist of 2 regular restrooms at the minimum. But a two hour event for 150 people with alcohol would consist of 3-4 regular restrooms at a minimum. Note: As event time & number of guest increases so does the quantity of restrooms.